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Show your Heart some Love

Heart disease is the Numero Uno cause of death in both the United States and the world — and it is not even close. This makes it very important to show your heart some love. Your heart is so easy to take for granted, because it typically just quietly goes about it’s business, thump thump, thump thump, thump thump . . . and does not say much until it is too late. All the more reason to be proactive and informed — because there are choices we can make to optimize the design. The details are more complicated than just checking a basic cholesterol lab, and the recommendations are not a one size fits all set of nutrition and exercise recommendations.

Caring for your heart starts with a conversation — an evaluation of your family history and your personal health history — stress, sleep, nutrition, activity, supplements, etc — and then determining the right evaluation plan before working together on health goals and a plan for prevention. Many of us live in the fear of the unknown, and we just ignore the conversation. Health Studio KC wants to help enable you to be a participant in your health.

We also know that more than half of the people who have heart disease events have normal cholesterol levels. WHAT?!!! So, that means much of the traditional thinking and treatment strategies on cholesterol and heart disease risk are incomplete. At Health Studio KC, we work with determining if more advanced cholesterol and inflammation testing is useful and have access to these tests at a significant discount. We are also looking at a broader amount of useful information, which allows us to make more personalized and targeted plans and goals.

We are inviting you to look up, and out to the future you want and do some caring for your heart. Health Studio KC is here to enable you to reach those goals and partner in the care for your heart as well.

PS -- The abstract heart painting above hangs in two of my daughter's bedroom and is by the fantastic and local KC painter Mike Savage.

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