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Decisions, decisions, decisions . . . (insurance math part 2)

Dear Everyone who is making painful and confusing last minute decisions on your health insurance,

Start with what you want: Access to a Doctor who knows you. That is what Health Studio KC provides: Health care designed for you. Care designed around conversation and convenience. Access to your Doctor when you need your Doctor. Access to a Doctor who can address the vast majority of your health care needs — when you have need. Time with your Doctor to have a conversation about your health and to discuss wellness and lifestyle and goals and choices. Can you imagine . . .

Take a moment to remember the you are making an insurance decision. Even the best insurance plans do not offer you access, and certainly not convenience. This is a risk assessment decision and should be treated as such. When looking at worse case scenarios, it is easy to get lost in the deductibles and co-pays and coverage and so forth — but really focus on the premium and total out of pocket, because that is what an informed insurance decision looks like wether it is for your car, your health or your home. Then wrap that coverage around a better plan for you care — the type of care we are providing at Health Studio KC.

I was looking at 2 plans for a friend on the poorly named (aka and they presented 2 options for a healthy 32yo female:

Bronze plan: Premium: $250/mo Deductible: $6650 Total out of pocket: $7150

Silver plan: Premium: $366/Mo Deductible: $3500 Total out of pocket: $7150

So, for $1400 more annually you can have a lower deductible, but end up at the SAME total out of pocket cost. Combined with the $600 annually you have spent for your membership to Health Studio KC, you have saved $800 annually and you have your Doctor. That is how you get what want — and what you need.

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