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Your body has a design.

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That design has a proper balance in order to run optimally.


The balance of mind, body and soul. 

The balance of nutrition, exercise and rest. 

The balance of proactive and sometimes reactive care.

Unfortunately we spend too little time tending to this balance.

As we navigate our days – our responsibilities, circumstances and the normal chaos of life – the balance is shaped more by the external than the internal.  Our health and wellness slide down the priority list and we run far short of optimal.

Most of us face the consequences of these choices when we have to react to a health issue. What would it look like to have partner and guide working with you to feel better now and prevent or address those issues now?


Health Studio KC is an opportunity to have a direct relationship with your primary care doctor, to reset the balance and live optimally within your body’s design. 


Our goal is to build a relationship with you, and to help you be an engaged, response-able participant in your health and wellness. 

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