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Work Out with the Doc

Your body has a design. To MOVE is one of the essential functions that design, and a necessary habit to keep us running optimally.

Tired? Stressed? Lack of motivation? Lack of concentration? Aching bones? Too much weight? Not enough weight? Do You Want to Feel Better? MOVE

High blood pressure? Bad Cholesterol? Family history of Heart Disease/Depression/Anxiety/Diabetes/on and on . . ? MOVE

I know I am a better husband, father, physician and in general human being when I am making the time to MOVE. Why do many of the busiest and most efficient people in the world make time for it? Because they know that they are better at what they do — a better version of who they are — when they MOVE.

I strongly believe that how we move matters — and the how is not the same for everyone. It is no just how, but why we MOVE the way we MOVE that matters too.

In that spirit, starting this week and over the coming months, I will be featuring the how, the why and the where some of Health Studio KC’s members are getting their MOVE on. I am often asked, “What is the best kind of exercise to do?” — Answer: “The kind you will do.” Let’s do this.

Thoughts on these topics will be coming as well:

-Intensity Matters

-Frequency Matters

-Injury Prevention

-Set goals/Build a habit/Have a plan/Mix it up


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