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Billing and Payment Policies


Enrollment Fee

A one-time, non-refundable $80 enrollment fee will be charged to each new billing account - whether individual(s) or family plan. 

Membership Fees

     Adults: 18-29 $60 Monthly/$600 Annual

                    30-49 $70 Monthly/$700 Annual

                    50+    $80 Monthly/$800 Annual

     Couples: Save $10 Monthly/$100 Annual 

     Kids (<18yo): $40 Monthly/$400 Annual (with an Active Adult membership)

     Family of 4: $180 Monthly/$1800 Annual ($20/mo each additional child)

     (2 Adults/2 Kids)

Membership Details

Membership fee(s) are started upon enrollment.  Membership fees are paid by the calendar month on an ongoing basis until cancellation. Payment of membership fees is required to remain an active member and receive service.


ALL members must enroll for Auto-Pay of invoices with a Credit or pin-less Debit Card. Due to our low staff and low overhead business model we cannot invoice or bill membership or other fees. Auto-pay dates of 1st or 15th of month may be chosen.


Memberships require NO LONG-TERM CONTRACTS or commitments. However, cancellation and re-enrollment may require a fee as noted below. 


Monthly memberships may be canceled, for any reason, with 2wks notice prior to the next month’s automatic payment.  Annual memberships may be cancelled with a pro-rated refund of remaining membership fees at the monthly rate.  All charges, including membership fees, will continue to accrue until notice of cancellation is given. 


If a member discontinues membership - by choice or lack of payment -  the member may rejoin Health Studio KC in the future but will be required to pay an “Re-Enrollment” fee of $200 per member in addition to other standard charges to re-establish your membership(s) as active.


Service Fees

All services not covered by membership fees (e.g. after-hours visit, non-covered labs, etc.) may be required to be PAID IN-FULL AT THE TIME OF SERVICE.  Members may pay by cash, check or credit/debit card. Some charges may be added to the next month's invoice at our discretion. 

“No-show” charges 

All cancellations for scheduled visits must be done a minimum of 4 hours prior to scheduled time. If you do not show for your appointment, or are excessively late for your scheduled time, a $20 fee may be charged for the missed visit. Exceptions may be granted at our discretion.

Services + Fees


Doctor visits at clinic, during regular hours and communications (email, phone, text) are provided without any additional fees. 

We do charge a convenience fee for: 

  • House calls (available only at physician's discretion) = $50

  • After-hours visits = $100


Labs & Tests

Some in house labs and tests are provided at no charge to members; and all other​ labs & tests are provided at "wholesale" price without mark-up; a 70-90% savings versus average. Most common tests are $20 or under.


  • Abscess Drainage = FREE

  • Ear wax removal = FREE

  • Wart Treatment = MKT PRICE

  • Mole removal/Skin biopsy* = $20

  • Wound repair (stitches, glue) = $20

  • Joint Injection (steroid) = $20


*May require additional lab or pathology charge

Rx Medications 

For convenience and a 50-90% savings, we offer many prescription meds at wholesale prices.

Prescriptions for meds can also be sent to pharmacy if needed of preferred. 


We have a network of affordable imaging studies for our members. We can often save 70-90% discount vs. standard pricing.

  • X-rays = $25-40

  • Ultrasound = $110-250

  • CT Scan = $270-350

  • MRI = $450-550


  • Flu Shot (standard) = $20

  • TDaP (Tetanus + Pertussis) = $50

We do NOT currently administer childhood vaccines due to our small volume, but refer to Health Department when needed. 

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