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Goals, not resolutions . . . 2017

Lets start with two definitions:

Resolution: a firm decision to do or not to do something.

Goal: the object of a person’s ambition of effort; an aim or desired result.

Why do so many New Years resolutions fail? Lack of movement. A resolution is a statement, lacking a foundation, based in rigidity and originating from a passive place. A goal comes from a place of ambition, with considered effort to achieve a result. One is a declaration, the other an invitation. We are made to not just think, but to move and to create.

Health Studio KC is inviting you to a healthier you. We want to help you engage your health — body, mind and soul. We believe that your body has a design and we want to help you set goals and establish habits that help you live into that design. As part of a wholistic view of your health and wellness, your journey includes your past, present and future all at once . . . together, we will consider your past: your family history and your personal history — successes and struggles. We will look at your present: Your current health and responsibilities — there can be an overwhelming number of good options for nutrition and exercise — let us help you determine medically what may be the best plan for you. And, we will look to your future — how do you want to feel in a year, 5yrs, 20 yrs from now? Because the decisions you are making today directly influence tomorrow.

Too often we think of our health only as a resolution, or in response to an illness, and that typically results in a short lived change. Health Studio KC is inviting you to your health as a journey, a way of living into your design.

As part of this journey, we will be providing a cornucopia of thoughts and invitations with the intent of movement. Wide ranging from breaking down the different types of fuel for our bodies in exercise/nutrition/supplements/vitamins/hormones. Recommendations on rest, recovery and rejuvenation. Invitations and encouragements to engage your body, mind and soul with the KC culture and community as well. Follow along, join the conversation and if/when ready know we are here to partner with you as well. This is simply the invitation — there is so much more to come . . .

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