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Part of my vision for opening Health Studio KC was a strong desire to partner with the innovators and dreamers and doers in this amazing creative and collaborative renaissance in Kansas City — to join with those who believe in doing something lasting and better right here in the Heart of the Midwest. Inherently, these hustlers and entrepreneurs understand the importance of good Design in the quality of our individual and collective lives. They do not accept things as they are, but instead live into how they can and will be by building a strong foundation and by knowing that we are stronger when we can move forward together to a better way. Collaborating, supporting one another, serving each other and building authentic and lasting relationships. Being All In (the Niall way) . . . this takes time, there is no substitute.

Knowing that, Health Studio KC is built around that understanding of time:

— The importance of being seen in office or by a phone conversation with your Dr, when you need. That kind of availability takes away the hassle factor that perpetuates the current sick care system. Addressing the small things in order to prevent the big ones. Taking time to think proactively, rather than reactively.

— The time to have a conversation, to ask questions and for your Dr to listen (my most effective medical skill is listening) allowing us together to work towards the root of an issue and discuss options for addressing the cause rather than putting a bandaid on the effect. Time to discuss health goals and build a plan tailored to you.

— With no risk of losing your Dr with insurance or job changes, my excitement is for the time over weeks, months and years to build a relationship together as your health needs and goals change, and with a target of not just how you feel today, but how you want to feel and live 10/20/40 yrs from now. That trust is not built in 8min snapshots with whoever can see you that day, but rather over time.

Individually and corporately we need to stop accepting what the current system is offering — stop being OK with the hassle, impersonality and blind expenses. Stop enduring the pain and hassle and relegating seeing the Dr with sickness — and rather, lets do something different and perhaps better by building a foundation through conversation of health and wellness. Together lets dream and build something more . . .

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