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Is Health Studio KC an insurance plan? 

Thankfully, no.  HSKC is an innovative way to receive high quality primary care, but we do believe insurance is needed for unexpected and expensive events.  Similar to how your auto insurance does not cover the important routine maintenance of your vehicle, but is there for when bad things happen.


Why a membership fee?

The membership fee offers a simple way to provide the vast majority of your health care needs with an affordable and known cost.  Easy to budget for, with no worries of co-payments, deductibles or hidden costs. 


Additionally, most members save money when combining HSKC with a high-deductible insurance plan or medical cost-sharing plan (when compared to the standard low deductible “co-pay” insurance plans).


All with the improved convenience and access to a physician who knows you.


Do I have to have a membership in order to be seen?

Yes, in order to provide you the access and quality of care we believe in, a membership is needed.


What is the commitment and what if I decide to cancel?

Memberships are open and ongoing.  A minimum of the first month of membership and registration fee are paid upfront and are non-refundable.  Monthly memberships may be canceled with 2wks notice prior to the next month’s automatic payment.  Annual memberships may be cancelled with a pro-rated refund of remaining membership fees at the monthly rate. 


Should you seek re-enrollment, there is a re-enrollment fee of $200 due prior to service. 


Is this the same as “concierge” medicine?

Kind of -- but without the high price tag.  We provide personalized care with a similar level of access and convenience, while trying to make primary care affordable to people of all incomes, with or without insurance. 


I don’t see the doctor often, why should I join?

Your goal is to not need to see the doctor – that is our goal for you too.   By optimizing the design of your health, our hope is for you is better daily health.


We believe that having a trusting relationship with your primary doctor is important, even if you are healthy.  Providing education, conversation and an action plan enabling you to improve and maintain your health.  And should you ever get sick, we will be there to help.


Are you a walk-in clinic?  Do I need an appointment?

We are able to provide same or next day appointments, but they do need to be scheduled in order to provide consistent access and quality to all of our members.


With my membership, do I really have an unlimited number of visits, tests, phone calls and emails with my doctor?



What if I need additional outside care? Specialists, testing, ER, hospital?

Having a DPC doctor, you have access to a doctor who can quickly address the vast majority of your health care needs.  We can also provide many urgent care and minor emergency needs during regular and after hours that can help prevent a trip to the ER.  However, when outside services are necessary, we have a community of services and providers we work closely with the get you the care you need.  We do recommend having health insurance in case of an unexpected, expensive event such as surgery, ER visits or hospitalizations.


I own a small business, can you help us?

Absolutely.  We are happy to partner with you to bring our responsive access and quality services to your employees and save them time away from work waiting at the doctor's office.  Please contact us if you would like to learn more.

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