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The What of Exercise

We are designed to M O V E . A common question I am asked goes as follows:

Q (patient): What is the best type of exercise?

A (me) : The type you will do.

We are good at thinking about exercise, at buying the work out clothes and the memberships and starting to drink the protein shakes, but often lost in the shuffle is just starting to M O V E . (Baby steps onto the elevator . . . baby steps into the elevator . . . in the elevator . . . AHHHHHHH) I digress.

The simple on exercise or activity is this:

We need to work towards getting 30-60min of moderate intensity activity 3-5 times a week.

What is “moderate intensity” you ask? An example would be walking at a pace that it is difficult to carry on a conversation.

Still, with exercise options a plenty, what type may be right for you and most importantly, why? (We will get to the why in the next post)

The What . . . (and the constaints: TIme, Money and Willpower)

In helping to determine the what, here are a few quick questions:

  1. What time of day are you most likely to create 30min to be active? Early in the day, during the day or in the evening?

  2. What type of activity do you like to do? (Exercise is a lot more likely when you get to exercise — rather than have to . . .)

  3. By yourself, with a partner/trainer or as a group?

  4. At home, online, the gym, a studio . . . ?

  5. What is your personality type? Knowing who you brings potential obstacles to the surface to then break through, finesse around, Jedi-mind trick or accept and avoid.

At Health Studio KC, we have the time and a desire to have this conversation with you, to personalize a plan, and to partner and enable you to engage you health goals.

Let’s bust a M O V E .

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