Membership based. Focused on your health.

In DPC, your membership gives you direct access to a physician who knows you.  Working together to optimize your design and treating today’s concerns today.  Together we focus on building a healthy foundation and enabling you to be an engaged participant in your health.  


In direct primary care, instead of paying for each visit or procedure, you pay a simple and affordable membership fee. This membership fee frees the doctor from a model that promotes productivity over quality and allows time to focus on you and what you really need – when you need it.


The doctor you call. The doctor you trust.


As your Direct primary care physician, I am the Doctor you will see and talk to.  I am dedicated to knowing you, wanting the best for you (wether you want it or not), listening/encouraging/asking/guiding you in the pursuit of your wellbeing and the ongoing maintenance of your health.  I am here for your ongoing health and wellness needs – from preventative health to should they arise chronic conditions and for all the accidents and illnesses in between.  Should specialist care be needed, I am there to help navigate and get you to the care you need.

Care designed around conversation. 

Care designed with transparency.

Care designed for convenience.

Care designed for access.

Care made easy.


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