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Membership has it's Privileges

One of the questions I am most often asked is, “Can’t I just pay you for visits when I need you?” A very fair question, but one that is rooted in our current sick care paradigm — and one that perpetuates the situation. What do I mean by that?

1. If I (Dr.) am getting paid by having you (patient) to come in, then for financial security I need to start my day with a full schedule. Unused visits are profit loss. A full schedule for me means that I will be able to see you in 2wks to 2months from now. It means I am incentivized to get you in the office — that's how I make money — so no reason to answer texts or emails or phone calls as they don’t make me any money. Typical Doctor’s offices are routinely changing for such services.

2. If you have a co-pay that you need to pay in order to see the doctor, then you are in a place of needing to decide if this concern (fill in the blank — ex. nagging hip pain, persistent cough, elevated blood pressure, concern about my family history) is annoying enough concern to go through the hassle and unknown cost of going to the doctor. How sick do you have to be before you will endure the pain of the doctor’s office?

I understand that you are paying a lot for your health insurance — truly a ridiculous amount — and that you want to get something for it. But please realize that you still are paying co-pays and reaching deductibles and over paying for meds, labs and radiology — all while you are getting the cattle call experience of 2hr appointments spent in waiting rooms and back halls for a few moments with whatever provider is in office/urgent care that day.

Insurance is not health care — say it with me, “Insurance is not health care.” Your car insurance doesn’t get you an oil change. Your home owners insurance doesn’t get you a new paint job. Insurance is there for risk — to help after something bad happens. What would it look like to focus on preventing the bad from happening and perhaps pushing into the good?

For all those who say to me — I never go to the doctor — it is always because that is how the system has trained you. Wait until the bad happens and lets deal with it then. We have stunted imaginations when it comes to our health and we live in a time of sensory overload, where we are too often out of tune with what our bodies are telling us. There is a better way.

Imagine calling your Doctor — and he answers. Imagine arriving for your appointment — and being seen without the 45min wait. Now, imagine having a conversation with YOUR Doctor — asking the questions YOU want to discuss and having a partner for your health. Access to and a Relationship with your Doctor. Membership has it's Privileges.

Health Studio KC — Health + Care designed for you.

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