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Giving truly is better than receiving.

Turns out that it is true . . . it is better to give than to receive. Those who make a habit of giving live longer, healthier, happier lives. Giving lowers stress, anxiety and depression; decreases blood pressure and cardiovascular disease risk; diminishes dementia, improves pain . . . giving generally improves happiness, well being and builds friendships and social interactions. If you could package it as a pill, GIVING is a wonder drug.

Certainly, it is no coincidence that Black Friday and Cyber Monday have been followed by GivingTuesday -- the anecdote to our consumption -- but I want to take more than a day and spend some time in the weeks to come focusing on the habit of giving. That said, the best way to start a habit, is - well - to start. I am going to list a few of the many wonderful local opportunities to give of your money and/or time. Health Studio KC is going to give 10% of this month's membership fees to Operation Breakthrough ( -- providing a safe, loving and educational environment for children in the heart of KC. Other great local options include Happy Bottoms (, the Johnson County Christmas Bureau (, CultivateKC (, the Global Orphan Project (, Feed Northland Kids ( and City Union Mission ( just to name a few.

Your Body has a Design -- part of that design is giving.

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