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A New (Old) Design

At Health Studio KC, we believe that Your body has a design — that is something we all know and feel intuitively. When we live into that design, we feel better. The power of Design is all around us. Anywhere we see duct tape just trying to hold things together is an opportunity for a design solution. Too often, in the busy-ness of our days we live life on autopilot — going through the motions and making decisions based on the way the world has informed us. When we run into frustrations either we just accept that as part of the experience — or we do everything we can to avoid the experience.

In thinking about health care we have settled for the idea that we have checked the health care box by having health insurance — once a year, we make that painful and confusing and expensive benefits decision and then quickly move on, thinking we have provided health care for ourselves, our families, our employees. However, if you have need to see the doctor, who do you see? What is that experience like? For some . . . less than ideal. For most . . . a freaking nightmare. Sooooo . . . we do anything we can to not see the doctor. We ignore the indicator lights lighting up on our health dash board and only engage the urgent and become reactive in how we engage our health. All of this backwards engagement with our health because we have accepted that health insurance and all of its duct taped brokenness is health care.

There is power in design — at Health Studio KC there is another way. Imagine seeing YOUR Doctor, when you need, or even want, to see them. Imagine having time to talk with them, to have a conversation about your health. That access might change how your think about your health — might encourage you to participate in your health. Be Known. Be Seen. Be Heard. This is a New (Old) Design. Direct Primary Care is returning the relationship and access to health care. The new part is in the how. You have memberships (gym, netflix, apple music, amazon prime) in your life that meet all sorts of needs. This is a membership for your health. This membership provides you direct accessibility you your Doctor — visits, calls, text, email. This membership is the power to do better, to be better. Choose your health today. Chose Health + Care. Join Health Studio KC today.

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