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Healthcare designed for you.

Be known.

Do you have a doctor?  Do you have a doctor who knows you? 

You do now.


Be seen.

The doctor will see you now. Or later. Or tomorrow. Or whenever. You'll have his personal cell phone.

Be heard.

Care is more about listening than instructing, about asking than telling.


This is going to be so much better. 

So, what is DPC?


No middleman – just you and your Doctor.

Able to address the vast majority of your health care needs.
A relationship -
one giving care, one receiving

Let's build a new foundation for the health of you and your family.

Most people think of healthcare as insurance, a political quandary or anything but what it was designed to be. Rather, take a moment to imagine the words Health + Care as they should be. A relationship of Care working together towards an end goal of Health. 


Instead of three-week wait times and doctors who are 45-minutes late for 5 minutes of interaction, imagine calling a doctor who knows you, sees you right away, and spends as much time as necessary to solve the issue. That's Direct Primary Care. That's health care the way it ought to be.


Why Health Studio KC?


What’s in a name?


Health is the goal: Your body has an amazing design that has the primary goal of being healthy. We believe with the right approach, you can restore your body to good health and then, over time, optimize it for your best health.


A studio is the opposite of a clinic. In a clinic, you are passive, in the studio you are active. You participate in creating, testing, pushing. You can explore and develop. It’s a place for ideas, art, action.


KC. A small town doc in the heart of the city.  I believe just like your local coffee shop, school, grocery store and church you should live or work within minutes of your physician. Instead of losing a half day to address your health care needs, you should be able to get in and out and back to living life.


Why at Woodside? I cannot imagine a better location or partnership than the community of health and wellness that has been built by Woodside and continues to grow with their investment in to this community.

What is DPC



Hey Doc. Heybrock.

Damon Heybrock, direct primary care doctor located in Kansas City designing specialized health care for individuals and families.

Like you, I play many roles in my life. A husband.  A father.  A physician.  An artist.  A friend.  I entered medicine because of a shared wonder for the human body and the welcoming nature of the human spirit.  I also like the idea of being my own boss. 


After medical school and residency, I have spent the last 10 years working in a unique corporate primary care clinic focused on promoting the doctor/patient relationship with longer appointment times and where patients have improved access to their physician.

Time and access allowed us to reach the end goal of enabling individuals to be response-able partners and participants in their health. With Health Stuido KC, the time has now come for me to carry this experience forward into the community to lay the foundation for something more.

My closest friends agree: I married up. We are blessed with four rock star kiddos, and since moving here in 2001, we call Hyde Park home. We love this town. 

Good coffee, better conversation and the occasional bourbon are my fuel. I enjoy painting and making, lifting and playing, reading and dancing, listening and watching. My kids swear I make a mean chocolate chip cookie and within moments of meeting me, you'll see I'm addicted to cherry chapstick.

Doc Heybrock
Direct Primary Care in Kansas City for individuals and families that want transparency and easy access to a doctor.




To provide you access to the highest quality and value of care, Health Studio KC works directly and exclusively for you, our patients. 

A simple, monthly membership fee covers the vast majority of primary care services without insurance hassles.


$60 month


$600 Annual Membership


$110 month


$1100 Annual Membership

KIDS (<18)

$30 month


$300/Annual Membership

Must be purchased with adult membership


$160 month


$1600 Annual Membership

2 adults, 2 kids

$10/mo additional child

Members Receive

  • Communications (phone, text, emails) with doctor and nurse

  • Clinic visits (regular hours) when required

  • Yearly wellness and prevention planning

  • Some routine lab and tests

  • Medical equipment lease (crutches, and others, ask for details)

  • Yearly flu shot

  • Access to discounted, wholesale pricing on other services (labs, meds, procedures, and others, ask for details.)

Contact Us



Woodside Village

2200 W 47th Place, 101

Westwood, KS 66205


Click Here to send us an email 

Tel: (913) 800-8073 

Fax: (913) 273-5721


Monday – Thursday  

9:00AM – 5:00PM

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